Meander MC : Amersfoort

Thank you, for making something so scary turning up to be an empowering experience.

“I came to Dr. Schenk after a long search of a clinic that could help me deal with my fear of needles in order to preform a blood test. This is a fear that i live with for over 25 years, and have tried to deal with in many ways such as therapy and even completing a medical education myself, but this has only made my fear worse.
Over the years, Every time i had to do a blood test the experience was very traumatic and painful. i would usually feel extreme anxiety and faint, vomit, cry and have sever panic attacks. In the past, the reaction of the medical team to my fear was to hold me by force and against my will, or use calming medications in order to preform the test. That never worked well for me and only made my fear worse and the trauma deeper. they always poked me many times and my hands were hurting for a few days afterward and had black and blue bruises for a long time after the test.
when i came to Dr. Schenk i was 16 weeks pregnant. I really had no choice but to take the test for the sake of my baby and for my own health. Of course, this situation made my stress even worse than just a ‘regular’ blood test. I tried laughing gas in the past during a complex dental surgery, so i already knew that it had a positive effect on me. Yet, when coming to do the blood test at Dr. Schenk’s clinic, i was so afraid that i got out of the room and said I’m not going to do this. I had a very bad panic attack, and i felt as if I’m about to faint and vomit.
I went to the toilet to wash my face and when i came back Dr. Schenk was waiting for me outside the clinic. I said to him: “I rather die than do this blood test”, and at that moment- i really meant it. unlike my past experiences, his reaction was very calm. He did not try to force me or rush me, he was fully understanding of my panic and fear. He said its OK if i will vomit or faint. He gave me the feeling that no matter what happens or what i will do- everything will be fine, no one will hurt me or do anything against my will.
Dr. Schenk asked me sit on the treatment bed and try the gas, and if i feel calmer we will do the test if i want, and if i don’t want- we wont do it. After a few minuets i felt that the gas is working and i agreed to do the test.
Unlike what i remembered, the test didn’t hurt at all. I wasn’t poked many times, only one time. It all went pretty fast, I did not feel anything. No pain, no fainting, no vomiting. I felt in control of the situation. The gas helped focusing on other things, so i wasn’t paying attention to the blood test. My hand did not hurt at all after the test, and on the days after the test i did not had any bruisis. It wasn’t a terrible experience, i would even say that it was a positive experience. Perhaps my fear could never be cured, but at least now i feel that if i ever have to do a blood test again- i know where and how to do this in the best way possible.
Thank you, Dr. Schenk for helping me face my fear and making something so scary turning up to be an empowering experience”.